Theirs was a story of love in odd places

21st June 2015Tweet: “FLEXIN’ on Fathers Day. HappyFathersDay to ALL of the Dads out there from the newest member of the Daddy Fraternity!!” New dad Justin Timberlake celebrates his first Father’s Day on Sunday (21Jun15) with his baby boy, Silas. The singer and his wife Jessica Biel welcomed their son in April (15)..

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canada goose outlet black friday The report went viral and BBC News Pidgin was quoted by major newspapers and online publications in Nigeria and around the world within 24 hours!BBC News Pidgin has not only been referenced by local media in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Sierra Leone and elsewhere in Africa, it has also been quoted by UK papers The Guardian, The Sun, The Independent, and The New York Times and other international media.The service was also at the forefront of reporting how Nigerians stranded in Libya. We were one of the first media to get an exclusive interview with Libya returnees, canada goose outlet london one of whom told the story of how she was sold and resold three times over as a sex slave.That story went viral, but we also led in bringing out glimmers of hope, breaking the story of two young Nigerians who met while at the slavery camp in Libya, fell in love and by the time they were rescued by the International Organisation for Migration, IOM, they returned to Nigeria with an eight month old baby. Theirs was a story of love in odd places.In Ghana, we drew attention to a practice ensuring menstruating young girls often miss school canada goose outlet store uk because they are forbidden from crossing a particular river while on their monthly cycle. canada goose outlet black friday

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