Please, no taxpayers dollars wasted to defend this sideshow

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canada goose Beetle Brown Prepares BreakfastGood Morning, canada goose factory outlet toronto location Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, September 23, 2018. Our friend, Beetle Brown, is in the kitchen preparing eggs and hash browns for breakfast. Brown is disgusted canada goose outlet hong kong with this 11th hour attempt to derail the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. Everything about this accusation is unsettling. The timing of it all is highly suspicious. It has all the characteristics of being planned should the confirmation appear to be assured. Please join Brown this morning for breakfast and a chat. I’ll leave the door open. Pick up your Bloody Mary on the way canada goose outlet uk in. The confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh has had a wrench thrown at it from the canada goose outlet left. The Dems, in a desperate attempt to stop the confirmation, have come up with an accuser who is claiming that Kavanuagh touched her inappropriately at a drunken party while in high school. Judge Kavannaugh has emphatically denied these charges. Let’s keep in mind that we are talking about high school, not the recent past. This will all come down to who is more believable. I vote for Brett Kavanaugh. During the course of his distinguished career, Kavanaugh canada goose outlet miami has been investigated by the FBI many times and placed under intense scrutiny. He has emerged from all of this with his reputation intact. Everyone who knows this man speaks highly of him. His record is unblemished and his credentials uniquely qualify him for a position on the Supreme Court. canada goose

canada goose black friday sale Who is Pulling the StringsWhat do we know about Christine Blasey Ford? canada goose outlet jackets Compared to Judge Kavanaugh, we know very little about her background. We do know that her high school yearbooks were loaded with references to drunken, promiscuous parties. It appears that her years in school were filled with binge drinking canada goose outlet store montreal and partying. There are passages in canada goose outlet location the yearbooks that refer to a favorite game called Pass Out. Not truly remembering what happened at these parties was considered par for the course and part of canada goose outlet florida the fun. Now canada goose outlet 2015 the nation is being asked to believe Ford when she canada goose outlet winnipeg address recounts one party which she canada goose outlet nyc says Kavanaugh attended. She insists that he along with another boy forced her into a room and tried to grope her. At the risk of being crude let me say that if all teenage boys who ever tried to grope a girl were rounded up and imprisoned, the jails would be full and the streets would be empty. Like it or not, that’s the truth. Having said that, Kavanaugh has insisted that canada goose vest outlet he was not at such a party. So what will this devolve into? It will be a “he said she said” ordeal, and quite frankly it won’t change a thing. The Dems were never going to vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. Those who want him confirmed will proceed. Anyone who changes their vote to a “no” is a fool and a pawn in the hands of politicians who will sink to the lowest levels to stop his canada goose outlet black friday sale nomination. They believe that Ford is their ticket to saving the Supreme Court from swinging Conservative. This circus should begin and end as quickly as possible for the sake of the nation and the Kavanaugh family. Apparently, the lunatics are out in full force threatening Kavanaugh’s wife in disgusting ways. It is a wonder that there is anyone alive willing to expose themselves to the ugliness of a nation filled with haters. What’s happening now is a prescription canada goose outlet in chicago for failure. Gifted men and women who want to serve this nation will have to think long and hard about what they will be facing. President Trump is the perfect example of a man wanting to serve who is facing ruthless and corrupt people who spend every waking moment trying to destroy him. The ugly people in our nation have set their sights on Judge Kavanaugh now. I canada goose outlet seattle pray he canada goose parka outlet uk prevails. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats on sale Taking Aim at a Good ManThe accuser and her ever growing team of lawyers are trying to stall canada goose outlet las vegas the proceedings. Senator Grassley had better toughen up and insist that this fiasco begin and end quickly. Judge Kavanaugh is not on trial. Judge Kavanaugh is a victim. His accuser says that she is a victim. The truth is that we are all victims in this mess. Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii says that Democrats could keep the Supreme Court seat empty for the next two years if Kavanaugh is not confirmed. If that is the strategy, let’s hope it implodes. The seat must be filled, and Judge Kavanaugh is the right man for the job. This game of canada goose kensington parka uk political blackmail must end now. It’s ugly, corrupt and extremely damaging to the people involved and the nation as a whole. canada goose coats on sale

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Couldn be more glad to see you go. You submitted more than enough material for our ongoing course 101 in looney liberalism talking points and debate tactics and frankly you need to bone up on your tactics to be considered for course 102

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canada goose clearance T why would I want the opinion of someone afraid to say who they are? You could be a criminal of some sort or another of ill repute. Get a backbone and make canada goose outlet authentic a profile, or else, toodledoo! canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Jackets For the rest of you, I thought I’d venture into the Trump camp and see what canada goose outlet kokemuksia the 32% base are doing. same as usual. Canada Goose Jackets

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Canada Goose Outlet There isn’t much to say that will not be redundant, yet I feel pulled to say Dr. Ford sounds like she was a licentious teenager from all that I have read. Canada Goose Outlet

I agree with Pop on the hormonal activity of male teens. Girls have problems also. This certainly does not mean that this happened. It is a biological fact is all. Please, no taxpayers dollars wasted to defend this sideshow and the puppets.

Canada Goose Parka Dr. Ford you lose, but you did this when you decided on this tale. Canada Goose Parka

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canada goose deals How about the Washington Times news, as there is apparently an organization that offered $5 million offered to disrail the Kavanaugh nomination. And the lawyer for Dr. Ford is employed by a Soros organization, so that seems like a consideration. I think we need to hear the testimony tomorrow.12 hours ago from Orange County California”Brad, I didn’t address your speculations because that’s what they are. Once again, where do you get your “facts” besides Fox?” canada goose deals.

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